onOne Software Announces Essentials 2 for Adobe Photoshop Elements

onOne Software, Inc., has announced the availability of Essentials 2 for Adobe Photoshop Elements. This updated version of onOne Software's popular software suite includes technology from onOne Software's newly acquired PhotoTune color correction software, and onOne Software's Mask Pro, PhotoFrame, and Genuine Fractals software products fine-tuned specifically for Adobe Photoshop Elements.

onOne Software's Essentials 2 for Adobe Photoshop Elements software suite provides users of the popular Photoshop Elements image editing and organizing software with four important plug-in solutions to solve common digital imaging problems. With Essentials for Adobe Photoshop Elements, users can easily correct the color of their photos using technology from PhotoTune, cut out and separate foreground and background objects using Mask Pro, add a unique border and edge around their photos using technology from PhotoFrame and increase the size and resolution of their photos to get larger print sizes by using technology from Genuine Fractals, the industry standard for resizing digital photos.

Essentials 2 for Adobe Photoshop Elements supports Adobe Photoshop Elements versions 4, 5 and 6 for Windows and Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 and 4 for Macintosh. onOne Software's Essentials 2 is available as a free upgrade for all current users of Essentials for Adobe Photoshop Elements. Upgrade is available through the user's automatic update upon launch of the program. It is also available for $59.95 for new users from onOne Software authorized distributors and resellers, or direct from onOne Software at www.onOnesoftware.com. In addition, for current users of Essentials, this free upgrade will not replace the previous Make it Better! tool featuring onOne Software's Intellihance Pro, rather it will add a Make it Better 2! module using the technology found in PhotoTune to the user's available plug-ins.