NYIP Launches New Courses

The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) has launched two brand new courses – Marketing for Photographers and The Complete Course in Video Making and Storytelling. Both home-study courses are now available to students all over the world.

Marketing for Photographers is an intensive course in marketing and business for photographers who are interested in starting a new photography business, orgrowing an existing business. The course was written by professional photographers and expert marketers who share the tried and true marketing techniques employed by successful photographers all over the world. Students will learn how to develop a business plan, how and where to find new clients, how to create a website and successfully market your work online. NYIP’s Marketing for Photographers Course includes 19 full color lessons, as well as three reference books on photo marketing.

The Complete Course in Video Making and Storytelling takes NYIP back to its roots. Founded in 1910, NYIP’s early courses included residential film training classes, which helped to launch the careers of many successful filmmakers. The new video making course is designed to teach students how to plan, shoot, and edit professional-quality videos. The course is taught on stunning HD video by expert photographers and lifelong videographers. The course includes 22 full color lessons and 6 DVDs.

Like all of the New York Institute of Photography’s courses, students in each of the new courses will complete projects that will be reviewed by their teacher. And they will have access by phone or email to ateam of student advisors. All of NYIP’s teachers and student advisors are professional photographers and video makers with years of experience. That mentorship aspect of the courses is critical for the development of NYIP students.

“It is our mission to provide the world’s best photography education to students all over the world,” said Chris Corradino, Head Student Advisor at NYIP. “With the launch of these new courses we are able to help those photographers who both want more professional training and who want to master the video capabilities on their digital cameras.”

The full tuition price for Marketing for Photographers is $999. And the full tuition price for The Complete Course in Video Making and Storytelling is $1499. Both courses offer a discount to students who choose to pay their tuition in full at the time of enrollment.

For more information on these courses, or to enroll in NYIP, visit www.nyip.edu or call 1-800-445-7279.