Novoflex Quadropod

The QuadroPod introduced by Novoflex is a four-leg tripod system.  The foundation of this system is a totally new design for a tripod collar that - thanks to its modular construction - can be equipped with different leg variations. Aluminum or carbon legs with 3 or 4 sections are available. Working heights from 2.8“ up to 70.9“ are possible with the current leg types. Moreover, additional leg types are under development, enabling working heights up to 91“. In addition, the different leg versions can be combined with each other and supplemented with clips/clamps, suction and screw-in-items from the Novoflex program.

The QuadroPod is available in three versions: without centre column; with center column; and a variable model with adjustable leg support angles. The variable model can be used with either three or four legs. The advantage of the fourth tripod leg is an enormous increase in stability. Thus, the carrying capacity is more than 110 lbs.

In contrast to the conventional three leg tripod where heavy equipment must always be set-up in the direction of one leg, the camera positioning is irrelevant when usinga four leg tripod. Nothing will bounce or tip over, regardless of the orientation of the camera. A further vital advantage is the tripod alignment in the case of uneven surfaces. Using a threeleg tripod, the photographer has to adjust each of the legs; with the QuadroPod just one adjustment is necessary: The fourth leg is simply pushed inwards, until solid contact with the ground is made - now the tripod is positioned positively and securely in the required position.

Additionally, the tripod column has three tapped holes to mount accessories like flashes, reflectors, flags or other items. One example of the extraordinary tripod design: to create shadowless illumination for macro or portrait shooting, two flashes can be positioned to the right and left of the camera by means of flexible mounting arms.