Nixvue Vista from Jobo Fototechnic, Inc.

JOBO Fototechnic, Inc and Nixvue, the manufacturers of the highly successful Nixvue Digital Album, have announced the introduction of a new range of products aimed squarely at the digital camera user market. The Vista (for Visual Storage Album) allows the digital camera user to quickly store huge quantities of images to a portable, battery-operated device. Once transferred, the user can quickly view, organize, and even print these images without the need for a personal computer.

The Vista allows you to also view stored images on the built-in color LCD panel any time, any place. The powerful operating system allows you to perform file operations without having to resort to connecting to a personal computer. Copy, cut, and paste files and directories quickly and easily using the ergonomically designed navigation buttons. You can even copy images back to the memory card if you choose to do so.

The Vista can also be connected to just about any TV set or projection system in the world using the built-in composite video jack. You can even control the pace of the presentation by using the remote controller unit.

Starting from an MSRP of $449, the Vista is available in 20, 30, and 60GB hard disk capacities.
Also available is the optional Printer Jack interface. This attachment allows you to connect to the parallel printer port and output to popular photo-quality ink-jet printers from Hewlett-Packard and Epson.

The Vista is designed to accommodate up-coming peripherals and standards such as Firewire (IEEE-1394), USB 2.0, and Ethernet connectivity. For the audiophile, there is also an attachment to play MP3 files.


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