Nimbus Cloud Dome

OmegaBrandess and Cloud Dome are proud to announce the Nimbus Cloud Dome (patent pending)…. the follow-up to the original Cloud Dome.

As a jeweler, Cindy Lichfield was frustrated with how long it took to take her product shots for her website and online marketing efforts. With help from her father Ernie Lichfield, a meteorologist and inventor of weather-measuring devices and another local inventor, Dave Burchett, she took today’s smart phone technology and one of her previous inventions and shrunk it down to create an innovative way to take quick and easy product photography.

After years in the jewelry industry, Cindy was one of the first to see the potential of selling jewelry online. The biggest problem she found was finding an affordable way to capture the beauty of her pieces photographically.

Hot spots, shadows and inconsistent lighting frustrated her on a daily basis. She sought advice from professional photographers and took photography classes, but problems still plagued her.

So Cindy turned to her knowledge of weather and clouds. She knew clouds evenlydiffuse light and on a cloudy day details and a variety of shades could be seen. Could she create something that worked like a cloud? Something to filter the light? The original Cloud Dome was born. Now with the addition of a smart phone a smaller version has been launched as Nimbus Cloud Dome with help from fellow inventor Dave Burchett and is featured on the popular crowd funding site:

The new smart phone technology along with the megapixel camera needed to come before the Nimbus Dome. This portable and durable mini-studio is for all small product photography that can fit under the compact dome. A must for all artisans that need to email or prepare high quality photos, the Nimbus Cloud Dome solves lighting challenges for reflective surfaces such as jewelry, coins and circuit boards.

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This is amazing! We're so lucky because every year they discovered a lot of new technologies to be shared with us. - Scott Safadi