Nikon's New Interactive Website

Nikon Inc. has unveiled a completely redesigned Web site with a new visual user interface that among other features utilizes images to display information about Nikon's products and services. Visitors to the site will also have an ongoing opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions about the site's content and usability to help define the evolution of the site over the coming months and years.

Similar to Nikon's imaging products, which rely on customers' feedback for development, the new site will be a continually evolving forum thanks to the addition of an innovative blog called "Your Shot" that encourages users to comment and share their ideas to improve the Web site's design, interface and content. This open environment creates an online space that is better adapted to the needs of consumers and provides an unmatched level of functionality for visitors.

The launch of the newly revamped Nikon Inc. Web site emphasizes a strong commitment to photography. The Web site,, is accessible starting February 27th at 8 p.m. EST. To access the new interactive site blog, please visit