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Lexar Announces Extensive Software Suite to Enhance Its Flash Card Offering

Lexar has announced that it is making a new and extensive software suite available for free download with purchase of select Lexar CompactFlash(CF) and Secure Digital (SD) flash memory cards. The value-added software suite is designed to enhance and improve the digital photography experience by providing customers with the tools necessary to accomplish many common digital photography functions such as image editing, storing captured content online, and recovering seemingly lost images. In addition to sought-after image editing and management applications from Corel, select Lexar flash memory cards now include downloadable Image Rescue 3, the recently introduced version of the company's award-winning image recovery software that features a redesigned user interface, as well as Lexar Backup n Sync powered by Sharpcast, a simple-to-use application for automatically backing up important images and syncing them across multiple devices and the web.

Powered by Sharpcast, Lexar Backup n Sync eliminates traditional chores of manually uploading, sharing, and backing up images and associated metadata like album titles, captions, and comments, by transparently synchronizing images to Sharpcast's servers via the Internet. Customers purchasing select CF and SD cards from all three Lexar card lines (Professional, Platinum II, and Standard) will be able to download desktop software for syncing and sharing an unlimited number of images, with an extra 100MB of online storage capacity free of charge for their most cherished original sized images.

Unlimited online storage capacity for customers' original photos is available for just $5.99 per month. Other Sharpcast-powered features like Group Albums and Photo Chat, give Lexar customers the most innovative and interactive solution for sharing unlimited original photographs among a group of friends, and having a live conversation right alongside the photos, absolutely free. More information about Lexar Backup n Sync is available at

In addition to Lexar Backup n Sync, customers purchasing select Lexar Professional memory cards will be able to download the full versions of Image Rescue 3 and Corel Paint Shop Pro X, the widely popular professional-level image editing and management application. Designed for professional photographers and digital photography enthusiasts, Corel Paint Shop Pro X is a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use application for enhancing, organizing, and sharing digital images.

Customers purchasing select Lexar Platinum II CF and SD memory cards can download the full versions of Image Rescue 3, Lexar Backup n Sync, and Corel SnapfireT Plus SE. Recently introduced and packed with creative drag-and-drop templates, Corel Snapfire Plus is an ideal application for users who want to entertain friends and family with stored still images and video.

Customers purchasing select Lexar Standard CF and SD memory cards will be able to download both Corel Snapfire Plus SE and Lexar Backup n Sync.

The previously described software applications will be available for download in conjunction with a serial number and corresponding access ID found within select Lexar flash memory card packages beginning next month.