New Red River Fiber Paper

San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber brings back the look of traditional fiber prints from the heyday of chemical darkrooms. The paper has a lightly textured surface,which adds depth, distinction, and an elegant reflectivity to the finished print. San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber has a pleasant warm tone that adds natural richness to portraits and landscapes. Black & White images benefitfrom deep black density and just enough whiteness for great contrast. This whiteness comes from a layer containing a special barium sulfate variant called blanc-fixe, which means permanent white. This material is inert and lends stability to the shade of the paper over time. The coating and base materials are free of acid, lignin, and fluorescent brightening agents. San Gabriel gives you all you need for true exhibition qualityphotographic prints.

Over the years, a number of baryta papers have been introduced to the inkjet market. These papers shared high quality and high prices relative to other types of inkjet media. Red River Paper's mission is to offer premium quality photo papers that can save the customer money. The combination of direct access to paper mills and direct sales to the end user make this possible. San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber makes it easier for professionals, enthusiasts, and weekendphotography warriors alike to discover the joy of creating fine photographic prints.

The new paper is available now exclusively from Red River Paper though their intuitive website or toll-free at 888-248-8774. Red River Paper ordersinclude rapid secure shipping, superb customer service, and expert technical support.

Available sizes and pricing are available at

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I remember we had this order once for a wedding album to look just like vintage darkroom photos. The client was pretty specific and no Tucson printing house could help us, so all we could do was to improvise a dark room with some ancient materials. It felt like ages until it was done, and some Red River fiber paper would've come in handy at the time