New Products from Profoto

Profoto has launched a new battery flash generator, the AcuteB, said to set new standards for lightweight, portable flash equipment. Compared to their battery generators, the Pro-B2 and the Pro-7b, the new AcuteB 600 generator measures only 7.5x 7.5 x5 in., including the handle, and weighs 10.8 pounds. It features a maximum output of 600 Ws and a power range of 7 f-stops.

And it holds -- per battery -- up to 160 full power flashes. Optionally, the generator also includes a built-in radio sync unit, compatible with the PocketWizard system. The AcuteB 600 generator, charger and lamp head, plus a Reflector, a tripod and a bag, will be sold as a kit. The new, smaller AcuteB Head is said to be a perfect match for the AcuteB 600, weighing a mere 3.2 lbs., and using a new energy-saving 65W modeling lamp, with the effective brightness of nearly 100W. In addition, their new ProRing 2 flash is said to improve on the earlier version in several ways. It includes a 200W modeling light and has an "unlimited" flash rate due to fan cooling and Ozone free High Power Quartz flash tube. The new ProRing 2 is compatible with all former ProRing accessories.