New Marshall's Photo Oil Kits

OmegaBrandess is pleased to announce the arrival of six new Marshall's Photo Oil kits. Before the invention of color film, artists used paint on black & white photos to make them appear more realistic. These 6 new kits feature an assortment of colors in either 1/2'' x 2'' or 3/4'' x 4'' tubes of Photo Oils. Colors may Vary. No-scratch cotton balls & skewers are included with each kit. Large areas are best colored with wads of cotton, while details are colored with cotton-wrapped skewers or cotton-wrapped toothpicks. Your photographs will be dry in 2 to 3 days depending on the thickness of your application.The kits include a Basic Six Pack, Bold & Beautiful, Get Your Groove On, Eight is Enough, Perfect 10, and Delirious Dozen.

Today, hand coloring is a technique used for anything from portraits to neon cityscapes and still life's. Marshall's Photo Oils are transparent oil colors that are intermixable, permanent, and highly concentrated. The paints are acid-free and will not fade or harm your photographs, which makes them perfect for scrapbooking or tinting family pictures. If you'd like to print yourimage, the paints adhere to the "tooth" of the paper, so you will always want to have a textured paper to work on. Papers without a finished surface (archival computer papers, art papers, etc.) can still be used as long as you seal the paper with a spray sealer or apply a coat of Extender to the surface before you begin to paint. For Inkjet prints, it is also recommended that you use Marshall's Image Guard, to keep your paints from mixing with the ink. Special kits specially made to be printed from an inkjet printer are also available, for those looking for ease of use.