New Lighting and Tripod Cases

Promark International has introduced new lighting and tripod cases: The Photogenic OB42 Lighting Accessories Case, the Smith-Victor Soft Case on Wheels and the Smith-Victor TB990 Pro Tripod Case.

Photogenic OB42 Lighting Accessories Case
The OB42 Accessories Case holds light stands and umbrellas up to 41 inches long when collapsed. This includes most 6, 8 and 10 foot medium duty stands, as well as many heavy duty stands up to 8 feet tall. The OB42 is designed for eight light stands, or eight umbrellas or any combination of stands and umbrellas. The stands and umbrellas are secured with heavy duty hook and loop straps. There are four clear plastic covers that prevent the stands from being scratched and dented. The OB42 can also be used to carry soft boxes, collapsible background holders, muslin backgrounds and fold-up reflectors. Two large zippered pockets on the outside of the OB42 case are great for storing diffusers, gels or other flat items. The case is 42" L X 14" W X 4 " H, and features foam padded sides and strong canvas handles.

Smith-Victor Soft Case on Wheels
The all new Smith-Victor monolight case is a double decked, padded case designed to hold three monolights and accessories. The Upper deck of the case measures 33" L X 12" W X 7" H and features two removeable partitions to create three monolight compartments. Tie-down straps in each compartment secure the monolights in place. A full length foam padded divider sits on top of the monolights for added protection. The large net pocket in the top cover is ideal for accessories like gels and diffusers. The lower deck is 3 ½" high and is accessed by a zippered flap on the end of the case. Three or more light stands up to 32" long and 3" in diameter can be loaded into the lower deck. A padded zippered compartment on the side of the case holds two umbrellas up to 32" long. The Soft Case on Wheels features two-inch wheels and a luggage style pull-out handle. Canvas handles and a shoulder strap are included to transport over rough terrain or in areas where wheels cannot be used.

Smith-Victor TB990 Pro Tripod Case
Smith-Victor developed the TB990 Pro Tripod Case for both carbon fiber and aluminum tripods. The case is perfect for tripods up to 24" (collapsed height). The soft case measures 26" L X 4" in diameter. The adjustable shoulder strap with pad, interior pocket for accessories and I.D. slot highlight this lightweight, durable case.