New Ilford Galerie Prestige Printing Papers

ILFORD has unveiled the latest fine art inkjet papers to join its growing top-of-the-line range of GALERIE Prestige media. Crafted to meet the needs of fine art professionals, the new line-up features surfaces that can stand up to any exacting artistic vision while ensuring vivid, archival-quality image rendition for portfolios, prints-for-sale, as well as gallery and museum-quality prints. More detail is available on the ILFORD website at

GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk
GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk is a true black and white media for inkjet printers, allowing photographers specializing in monochrome photography to achieve inkjet prints reminiscent of those they developed in the traditional darkroom era. The paper has an acid-free and lignin-free fibre base which simulates the structure of a traditional silver halide black and white photographic paper. Backed by over 130 years of imaging excellence and know how in both digital and analogue printing, ILFORD has blended the two mediums to offer this step forward in digital imaging technology.

In developing GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk, ILFORD has taken into account all of the elements that make the perfect monochrome image. The product offers seamless contrast and transition between shadow and highlight areas thanks to the unique ILFORD nanoporous coating layer technology. Coupled with exceptional Dmax and Dmin values, the paper is capable of delivering deep, rich blacks and bright whites. Built on a 270gsm media, Gold Mono Silk is the latest product to carry the GALERIE Gold designation which positions it at the apex of ILFORD's top-of-the-line GALERIE Prestige range (5 stars).

Available in various sheet and roll dimensions, and fully-compatible with both pigment and dye-based printers, the Gold Mono Silk will be initially offered in limited-edition A3 packaging that will feature the work of world-renowned photographer Sebastiaõ Salgado. The new product can be ordered immediately and will be available on shelves in November 2012.

GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton Smooth 330gsm

The new 100% rag GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton Smooth and Gold Cotton Textured products lead the way within the GALERIE range in meeting the needs of professional fine art printers. Featuring a traditional mould-made base from a traditional fine art paper mill, print-makers can rely on the new products for portfolios, prints-for-sale, as well as gallery and museum-quality prints.

With no optical brighteners and the longevity, image stability and a matt surface required for the very best in fine art printing, Gold Cotton Smooth is offered as the perfect choice for crisp detail, while Gold Cotton Textured features a contoured surface for more creative expression. Gold Cotton Smooth and Gold Cotton Textured are available in sheets and rolls and achieve best results with pigment based printers.

GALERIE Prestige double-sided Fine Art Smooth 220gsm
GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Smooth and Fine Art Textured paper compliment their Prestige Gold Cotton counterparts by offering a bright white base alternative capable of delivering excellent contrast and sharpness along with enhanced colors.

Created from an alpha-cellulose base with the latest advances in matt coating layer technology, these products offer double-sided print quality and a choice of either a smooth or textured surface. These new products allow professional and enthusiast fine art photographers and printers to achieve the artistic interpretation of an image by drawing out sharp crisp details or adding a textured look and feel to the final print.

Fine Art Smooth and Fine Art Textured are available in sheets and rolls and are compatible with both pigment and dye based printers. All four new GALERIE Fine Art products will be available on shelves in January 2012.

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