New Gear For 2007: PMA Report; What’s New; Cameras, Accessories, Printers, Software, And More...

On the following pages we've assembled reports that act as mirrors on the state of the art of photo and imaging gear today. While the reports themselves cover numerous recently introduced products in various categories they also tell us how taking, making, and sharing images has changed. Compare this report to one made in past years and you'll see a radical difference in some areas, and a nuanced change in others. You don't have to go too far back to see major changes in areas like camera specs, software, and particularly items like image backup and storage. Indeed, there are areas of concern to all photographers today that didn't even exist as a product category only a few years ago.

Each of our reporters were assigned a "beat," an area of coverage in which they have special expertise and experience. Their reports are made richer by their legacy knowledge and their ability to discern what's new and exciting and what has been rewrapped to appear new. Their assignment was not to list every camera, tripod, or bag they saw at the show; rather, it was to find those new products that symbolize a change, create new imaging potential, or simply caught their eye and got them thinking about how much fun it would be to work with or use.

Our report also includes items not usually given much if any coverage, those specific accessories or items that might find their way into your kit bag or your studio. Many of these come from what trade show attendees term the "back booths," the smaller stands that so often reveal the finest gems of the show. In addition, we have asked each reporter to give us one or two items they consider "Best in Show." In this case our reporters were not limited to their specific area of coverage.

Many of the items covered in this report should be available as we go to press. When an item is a "prototype," which in this business means that it may or may not come to market, or may come to market in an entirely different form with changed specifications, it will be duly noted. And be assured that we will be covering many of these new products in more extensive Test Reports as the gear and software becomes available.

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