This NEW Feature in Lightroom Is One of the BEST Tools EVER for Boosting Color in Your Photos (VIDEO)

Like many photographers recently, landscape pro Mark Denney has been playing around with the new settings in Adobe's recent Lightroom 10 update and what he's discovered has left his mind slightly blown. According to Denney, there's a new tool in Lightroom 10 that "will forever change how you develop color in your landscape photos."

"I don't normally get too excited about Lightroom updates, but this one is different," Denney explains in the below video. "If you've already updated to the newest version then you might have noticed that the section titled 'Split Toning' has been removed, which may be a bit alarming, but what it was replaced with is so so much better - more color control and precision then ever before."

Considering that Denney called Split Toning one of his favorite tools in Lightroom earlier this year, this new feature in Lightroom has got to be pretty significant. And it is, because adjusting color is so key to editing landscape photos.

"In my personal opinion, color is one of those things that can either make or break a photograph," he notes. "I often hear people discussing what the most important aspect is of a great landscape photo and although I can't identify a single answer to this question, I do believe that the three most important qualities to me are composition, light and color. Now from a post processing perspective there's only so much you can do to alter your composition and enhance light, but when it comes to developing color - well there's a multitude of different ways to do this."

Watch the video below where Denney explains the new Lightroom feature, which is called Color Grading, and how to use it to boost color in your images, so they pop. He adds that "there's even another much overdue and welcome change in the new Lightroom 10 update that has nothing to do with color that I'm pretty excited about as well."

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