New ewa-marine Waaterproof Housing

The new ewa-marine U-BF100 waterproof/all weather housing has been designed to give photographers more control and creative freedom when using their DSLR’s above as well as below water.

It is recommended for use in wet/humid environments: at poolside, in rainforests, around surf/whitewater, wherever weather is a consideration when using delicate digital equipment. Fabricated of flexible double-laminated PVC, the housing is designed to fit and work with the controls of professional DSLR's, such as the Canon EOS 1D, Sony Alpha 900 series, Nikon D3, or the Leica S, as well as many others.

The U-BF100 allows photographers to operate the camera's touch pad control underwater by simply depressing the function he/she selects, such as zoom, change of scene, etc. The built-in finger control allows the photographer to depress the camera's shutter release. In addition, the housing comes with a full size "glove" built into the housing. This glove allows the photographer to manually zoom the camera lens, as well as manually control those functions that require more than a simple touch-pad manipulation. In addition, photographers can now cradle the camera and lens in the same way they would handle it without a housing.

The U-BF100 makes it possible to shoot spectacular photographs in depths up to 33 ft. To capture the sharpest images, ewa incorporates a large, hardened optical glass port in front of the lens to preserve sharpness, enable excellent light transmission, and prevent distortion. A translucent panel in the rear lets the photographer see the scene through the viewfinder clearly.

In common with all ewa-marine housings, the flexible PVC material allows water pressure outside of the housing to be the same as inside the housing, thus eliminating the need for " O " rings. A pair of non-corrosive and seawater clamping rails fit together and are tightened by three screw-knobs to preserve the waterproof seal.

Street price for the U-BF100 is $399. For further informantion, visit