New Capture One for Intel-based Macs and Windows

Phase One has updated Capture One RAW Workflow to support more cameras, more RAW file formats and Intel-based Macs. Capture One 3.7.4 is a Universal Mac application designed to run natively on both Intel and PowerPC-based Mac computers. Initial tests by the company show that the capture rate has increased by up to 40 per cent when version 3.7.4 is run on an Intel-based Mac. Processing RAW files with Capture One 3.7.4 is now 15 per cent faster on both Intel-based and PowerPC based Macs. Windows users will also enjoy enhanced capture rate and RAW processing speed with Capture One 3.7.4. Initial tests show performance gains of up to 200 per cent in capture rate made possible by an improved high-speed capture option in the Capture One software. Tests also show a 10 per cent increase in the processing speed of RAW files.