New Calumet Imagemaker DVD Series Release: The Essence Of Photography With John Upton

Calumet Photographic has released another original production for its collection of educational and instructional DVDs, The Essence of Photography with John Upton.

The Essence of Photography is the perfect guide for beginners and advanced amateurs who want to learn photography from the legendary John Upton. "Photographs are an intrinsic part of our visual environment," said Upton. "So much of what we know of our world we have learned from seeing photographic images in one form or another. This video is an extension of my classroom for anyone who wants to embrace photography."

He co-authored Photography, the major college textbook that has dominated introductory college courses in photography since its publication in 1976, with almost two million copies in print. Anyone planning to pursue photography as a career or increase enjoyment as a hobby will be inspired by Upton's unique insight on what it takes to make great pictures. "Making photographs today is just as exciting as it was when I began more than 60 years ago," Upton revealed. "I still respond to the special moment when the image in the viewfinder becomes a mirror for something I am feeling."

As a college professor for more than four decades, Upton always emphasized both technique and visual awareness to help his students build the foundation for success. The Essence of Photography provides a discussion of topics that include Upton's mentors, understanding how cameras work, learning to see pictures, photographic history and development of the photographic image. John shares his thoughts on images by his famous college professors and provides insightful reviews on the current work of professional photographers.

Upton has been a leader in photographic education since 1958. He studied at the California School of Fine Arts under a rock-star faculty that included Ansel Adams, Minor White, Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham. He taught at Orange Coast College until he retired in 1999, then devoted his free time to making the transition from traditional photographic technology to digital imaging. He has also reconnected with his youthful passion of taking pictures every day.

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