Nature Tips: Take This Virtual Photo Walk and Learn One Pro’s Tips for Better Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

The tutorial below is the second video in a new series by photographer Evan Ranft, in which he condenses a 60-minute excursion into less than eight minutes. In this episode of “One Hour of Photography,” Ranft takes you on a stroll along the Chattachoochee River in Atlanta’s East Palisades Park, and he provides several helpful tips on outdoor photography.

Ranft says the point of his new video series is to help others create better images, “and remind everyone why we love photography.” This early November photo walk is the perfect opportunity to capture epic fall colors, and you may be surprised to see a gorgeous bamboo forest in the middle of urban Atlanta.

Ranft offers valuable advice on composition, making the most of prevailing light and atmospheric conditions, and the best lenses to use for different purposes. You can see his full gear list in the description beneath the video.

So sit back, take this virtual hike, and learn how to up your landscape photography game. There are more great videos on Ranft’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our earlier post with 10 more landscape tips from a top pro in New Zealand.