10 Tips for Spectacular Landscape Photographs from New Zealand Pro Ray Salisbury (VIDEO)

There’s always something to learn about the art of landscape photography, and the quick tutorial below from pro photographer Ray Salisbury offers 10 great tips that will definitely help you up your game.

Salisbury is an instructor for Hot Pixels Photography, a New Zealand-based organization offering online tutorials, tours, and workshops for photo enthusiasts. Like most serious landscape shooters, Salisbury is all about advanced planning. He says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” and suggests checking tide charts weather forecasts and the exact time the sun rises and sets before departing for your location.

Other topics covered include exposure, composition, and focusing—with a good explanation of hyperfocal distance and how you can use it for maximum depth of field. Salisbury also explains why it’s preferable to shoot seascapes during an outgoing tide, and how polarizing and neutral density filters can make a big difference in your results.

You can find more solid tutorials on the Hot Pixels Photography YouTube channel, and be sure to look at another video we posted recently with five landscape photography mistakes to avoid at all costs.