National Natural Landmarks Photos

Looking for a new photo expedition? Try making America’s national natural landmarks your next destination and send the results to the National Park Service’s National Natural Landmarks photo contest.

“We’re in search of images that capture our nation’s diverse and scenic natural features,” said National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis. “The contest is an opportunity to learn about these nationally significant natural features and share the experience through photography.”

Winning photographs will be featured in the 50th Anniversary Commemorative National Natural Landmarks calendar.

The National Park Service’s National Natural Landmarks Program recognizes significant examples of biological and geological features and supports the cooperative conservation of these important natural areas. National natural landmarks are designated by the Secretary of the Interior following rigorous scientific study. These landmarks include features on private, state, municipal, and federal lands. Program participation is voluntary. Not all landmark sites are open to the public. For a complete list of National Natural Landmarks, accessibility and information about the National Natural Landmarks Program, please visit

There are nearly 600 national natural landmark sites. Some are well-known and close to metropolitan areas: the striking uplifted red rocks of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the dramatic waterfall of the Great Falls of Paterson, New Jersey.

Other sites – while just as impressive – are off the beaten path: the parting of the waters at Two Ocean Pass deep in the Teton Wilderness outside of Jackson, Wyoming, and the serene ponds and diverse birdlife at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire.

Contest entries will be accepted through June 30. Winners will be announced in September.

Each photographer can submit up to three entries. Each photograph must be from a different national natural landmark. Images of the 13 sites featured in the 2011 calendar will not be accepted. Those winning photos can be viewed at

For full contest information and submission requirements, please visit