Must See: Explore Time’s Interactive “100 Most Influential Images of All Time” Online Project

This should be required viewing/reading for all photographers this weekend. Time magazine has launched its new “100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time” online project and it’s a feast of riches for anyone who cares about photography.

The interactive online gallery includes a wide variety of images chosen by a combination of photography experts – including curators, historians, and photo editors from around the world – and then further vetted and narrowed down by Time’s own reporters and editors “to see if those held up to scrutiny.”

“That meant conducting thousands of interviews with the photographers, picture subjects, their friends and family members and others, anywhere the rabbit holes led,” Time’s Ben Goldberger, Paul Moakley and Kira Pollack write in an introduction accompanying the project. “It was an exhaustive process that unearthed some incredible stories that we are proud to tell for the first time, in both written stories and original documentary videos.”

So what made the cut? Well, you’ll have to check out Time’s online gallery yourself to see all the images and read the stories behind them (including interviews with some of the photographers). Time has also created short documentary videos on 20 of the images that were selected. We've embedded one of the clips on astronaut Bill Anders' famous "Earthrise" NASA image below. (Click the corner to expand the video to full screen.)  

Like we said: it’s a feast of riches that you’ll likely come back to for several helpings. Call it a visual Thanksgiving!