Multiblitz OCTA 100P

Multiblitz USA, LLC introduced an addition to the company’s ever-growing light modifier portfolio.

The 40” Parabolic Octabox OCTA 100P is a 40”/100cm diameter octagonal softbox with silver reflective lining. It includesan inner and outer diffusor as well as a soft honeycomb grid. The tapering shape decreases the angle & spread of the light cone resulting in slightly sharper shadows than common octagonal softboxes. The inner and outer baffles enhance the softness of the evenly diffused light, while the silver lining gives it a small amount of extra contrast. Used without the diffusors,the OCTA 100P produces a crisp and more direct light. The optional use of the included soft honeycomb grid directs the light cone more, producing even sharper shadows.

Lightweight, the 40” Parabolic Octabox closes the gap between the 27” Beauty Dish XL (PROBEAU XL) and the 3 ft.

Octagonal Glambox (PROGLAM) in the Multiblitz light modifier line up. This easy-to-fold parabolic octabox (carrying bag included) is a versatile tool for every photographer in the studio or on location.

The 40” Parabolic Octabox (PROFOC 100P) will be exclusively sold in the US through the Multiblitz USA online store at starting on March 15, 2013 and is priced at: $299. - (US). Shipping included.