The Multiblitz GLAMKIT

Multiblitz USA introduced the new monolight-battery-bundle GLAMKIT to the North American market. The GLAMKIT combines the TIPA Award winning PROFILUX PLUS studio flash system (named Best Flash System 2010) optional with 200 Ws (7 f-stops), 400 Ws (7 f-stops), or 800 Ws (8 f-stops) with the Multiblitz PROPAC 1 battery pack, and the 3 ft. octagonal softbox GLAMBOX 90. A sturdy trolley with a snug-fitting soft case and harness for the PROPAC battery pack with Velcro fastening straps for the included 8 ft. air-cushioned light stand completes the GLAMKIT. The battery pack/trolley combination serves as a counterweight for the flash unit on the stand, often prone to strong air drag in windy conditions – especially with the use of larger light shapers. A perfect pick for a quick 1-unit on-location set-up for glamour and wedding shoots.

The PROFILUX PLUS units are equipped with the Multiblitz-developed True-Multi-Voltage Technology that allows a voltage range between 90-260 V and guarantee a safe mains-operated use worldwide. High flash output, fast recycling times, and low weight in combination with a robust yet sleek design make the PROFILUX PLUS a premium choice for the experienced professional. The 3 ft. GLAMBOX 90 is the perfect hybrid between a normal sized beauty-dish (e.g. the Multiblitz 3-in-1 Beauty Dish PROBEAU SET) and a large octobox like the Multiblitz 5 ft. Magnum Octobox (PROFOC 150). The included snap-on soft screen enhances its versatility.

Operated with the Multiblitz PROPAC 1 battery pack, the PROFILUX PLUS 200, 400, and 800 correspondingly deliver more than 1400, 700, and 300 flashes at maximum output. Units of the PROFILUX PLUS system feature the timeproven Multiblitz P-bayonet. Like all Multiblitz flashes, the PROFILUX PLUS units are conceived, designed, and manufactured at the Multiblitz manufactory in Cologne, Germany.

The GLAMKIT will be exclusively sold in the US through the Multiblitz USA online store at starting on December 1, 2011 and is priced as follows: GLAMKIT 2 - $1,899 (US), GLAMKIT 4 - $2,099 (US), GLAMKIT 8 - $2,199 (US). Shipping included.

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Is this all in one? It's so affordable and ready to used because of a complete set. - Michael Courouleau