Mountainsmith 2010 Camera Bag Series

Mountainsmith continues a tradition of innovation with their new 2010 camera/optical bag collection. The line is defined by its use of Mountainsmith’s ReDura 100% recycled PET fabric. Designed with input from a team of professionals, the bags are more technical and performance-oriented than that found in most camera bags and are differentiated by its distinct and proven technical outdoor function. Each model has been designed for worry-free protection, easy accessibility, and versatile organization for capturing the whole gamut of outdoor adventures. 

The bags utilize durable materials and proven suspension systems from a company that has 25-plus years of expertise designing packs and travel gear to withstand the rigors of outdoor travel and adventure.  Comfortable and protective carrying solutions enable photographers to safely transport and easily access their equipment. Some smaller kits and pouches are uniquely designed to be carried in a variety of positions, including across the body as waist packs, or attached to packs, luggage, and briefcases. Various models throughout the collection include such features as impact-resistant side panels, storm covers, injection-molded rubber bases, strap tuck-away ports, and rapid-access tripod mounts. 

The plastic bottles used in the recycling process come from all over Asia including Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea. Those are the countries that have taken the financial initiative to utilize plastic bottles for recycling into fabric. The bottles are processed, cleaned and converted to flakes before being shipped from these countries to Taiwan. That is where Mountainsmith’s ReDura yarn (polyethylene teraphthalate, aka PET) is woven and then coated with protective polyurethane to further increase the material’s overall strength and durability.