Mobile Imaging and DSLR Filming at photokina 2012

At photokina 2012, two of the trends being explored are taking movies with digital still cameras and photography with mobile telephones or smartphones. A large amount of exhibition space, where trade visitors can get more information, is being dedicated to both of these technological trends, which are having such a significant impact on the imaging sector.

Market observations reveal that most of the digital still cameras sold are capable of taking HD quality movie sequences. This is especially true for single lens reflex (SLR) cameras and system cameras. Today 9% of professional photographers consider the movie function essential, over 50% consider it to be useful, and three quarters of professionals think it's at least relevant. In order to highlight the growing importance of filming with digital SLR (DSLR) and system cameras, photokina 2012 is dedicating a showcase area to this segment in hall 4.1. Under the name "shoot movie", this space offers suppliers an optimal setting for presenting their products to the trade public. Because filming with DSLR and /or system cameras is increasingly becoming a necessity for professionals users, special attention will be given to their needs. The presentation will be supplemented by a stage program that is tailored to the needs of the imaging professional. The program will consist of discussions, lectures, and workshops. Among other things, these activities will address the issue of what today's professionals can and must do in order to win new clients.

Trend theme: Mobile imaging
Photography with mobile telephones and smartphones is the theme of the showcase area in hall 5.2. Largely driven by the success of the iPhone and its like, this segment has made inroads on many fronts. It is widely regarded as an important segment of the photography industry. Experts believe that worldwide around 700 million smartphones will be sold in 2012. These days, every third mobile phone sold in Europe is a smartphone. And of course, lots of pictures are taken with these devices. In the USA, the portion of pictures that were taken with smartphones grew from 17% to 27% in 2011.

The showcase area at photokina will enable smartphone manufacturers to present their products under the same excellent conditions as those enjoyed by network providers and app creators. As part of the showcase, a forum will make sure that interesting background in formation isn't neglected. Along with the question of what smartphones can do, a forum discussion will explore the topics: 'Are the photos taken by mobile phones as good as those of compact cameras?', and 'Will smartphones one day replace compact cameras?'. In 2010, there were over 500,000 user searches for photo-apps in Germany, and around 963 million apps were loaded onto mobile phones in 2011. These facts will be addressed in the forum - as will the genesis of this new market and its likely development in the future.

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I don't even witness this event. I hope they will have an another event this coming 2013 so that I can watch. - YOR Health