Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

Manfrotto is proud to announce an innovative new mini tripod designed to satisfy the needs of photographers looking for a support that is light, portable and easy to use for every occasion.

PIXI offers a stylish, functional option for all photographers, making it easy to capture memories without the hassle of bulky photography equipment. Its compact size and lightweight design make it an effortless tool to pack. PIXI has a secure base, offering indispensable stability allowing users to create excellent images. This mini tripod is especially useful when capturing landscapes, night photography and self-portraits. PIXI helps take sharper images while also functioning as an ergonomic grip to produce great videos from different perspectives.

In addition to its convenient size and stability, PIXI features an all new push-button mechanism enabling users to position and lock the ball head in one rapid movement. Pushing this button releases the ball joint to move freely so you can position your subject correctly in the frame, making PIXI intuitive and fast. PIXI is also versatile, capable of being used with a huge variety of digital devices including compact cameras, CSC's and entry level DSLR's as well as the Manfrotto KLYP Case for iPhone® 4/4s/5.

Key Features:
* Lightweight stainless steel construction makes the tripod easy to carry. It weighs only 8 oz., much less than the average laptop.
* Legs fold perfectly, with a height of 5" when opened and 7" when closed.
* Can support a maximum body weight of 1.4 lbs.
* The new push-button mechanism allows you to position your subject correctly in the frame, while the head is able to tilt 35 degrees in the vertical axis and pan 360 degrees in the horizontal axis.
* Universal 1/4" screw thread

Key Consumer Benefits:
* Compact size and lightweight design, an easy tool to pack.
* Eye catching premium Italian design and finishing makes it stand out from the crowd.
* Sturdy and reliable, made from stainless steel and Adapto, keeping cameras steadily locked into place in any desired position, delivering the sharpest of images.
* Adaptable ball head to capture any and all images.

PIXI (MTPIXI-B) is available for purchase through select Manfrotto retailers at a street price of approximately $28.00.

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dbosse's picture

The stated weight limit for this tripod is 1.4lbs. My Canon EOS 60D weighs that much with no lens. For about the same money you can get a much sturdier and just as functional tripod from Silk that will hold up to 7 pounds.

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This is perfect specially for outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing. It would be very convenient to bring because its lightweight and small. - Scott Safadi