Make Holiday Travel Easier With Checkthrought

The patent-pending Skooba CheckthroughT Bag meets the "checkpoint-friendly" requirements recently issued by the Transportation Security Administration, allowing it to be put through security screening without removing the laptop. This not only eliminates one of the biggest annoyances from the process, but also serves to protect the laptop from damage and theft (industry reports say that as many as 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen at US airports every week-a staggering 600,000 or more each year).

The bag looks like the high-end business case that it is, but features a zipper that opens it like a clamshell, allowing your laptop to lay flat on the conveyor belt. The computer is in its own, dedicated compartment, covered by a clear window so the inspectors can see it. On the other side are compartments to hold your passport, cell phone, PDA, iPod/MP3 player, cords and accessories, and more. The Checkthrough bag boasts 20 pockets and compartments in all. After you go through screening, simply zip it up and you're on your way.

Designed for all 15-16 inch laptops and many slim 17 inch models, including all Mac PowerBooks. Suggested retail $139.95. Skooba products are available through photo specialty retailers as part of the growing Tenba family of bag brands and collections.

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