Maha Energy Unveils Hi-Speed Multi Charger

Maha Energy Corp. has introduced a dependable, high-speed charger with eight independent circuits for charging any combination of one to eight AA, AAA, C or D batteries. Boasting strength and durability, the rugged MH-C808M Multi Charger employs multiple fixed charging contacts, ensuring positive connection.

This rapid charger provides the option to select between a soft charge mode and a fast charge mode. Soft charging delivers the longest battery life and allows 100% compatibility with older, lower capacity batteries. Fast charging results in eight fully charged batteries in the shortest time possible. It only takes 1 to 5 hours to fully charge D cells. The unit's advanced microprocessor can measure voltage to .001V, allowing batteries to charge without the worry about undercharging or overcharging.

The MH-C808M incorporates a large LCD which indicates the charging status of each battery in English, replacing traditional LED indicators. The MH-C808M also refreshes old and degraded batteries coolly and efficiently. For more information visit