M-Rock Double Access Bags

M-ROCK’s top and front opening Double Access Notebook Camera Bags 5000 series consists of four sizes; The Cascade 5020 for compact or mirror-less SLR cameras with a MSRP of $100, The Glacier 5040 and Grand Canyon 5060 for a regular SLR camera body with MSRPs of $107 and $112 respectively and the Everglades 5080 for a Pro SLR Camera or a regular SLR camera with battery grip attached with a MSRP of $118. All four bags come with the same divider configuration and can hold one camera body with a minimum of two lenses and a flash. The stand out feature is the top or front access into the camera bags. The top access works best when carrying and accessing the bag from above, and the front access is ideal with the bag back down on a table top. The Cascade 5020 and Glacier 5040 include a rear pocket that can hold an iPad sized tablet and the larger Grand Canyon 5060 and Everglades 5080 can hold a small notebook.

The bags are light weight but built to last with the closed cell foam reinforced with plastic panels for strong impact protection. The bags include a rain jackets, a lens cloth, useful pockets with a snap hook for keys. The rubber label has a small opening to thread headphone wires into the front pocket which has water resistant lining. The bags converts into rollers by attaching M-ROCK’s Modular Cart 7080 handle through the loop behind the bags, where double stacking with another M-ROCK bag is possible. The rear loop makes it possible to slide the bag over the telescope handle of a suite case. The carrying capacity can be quickly increased by attaching any two of the five bags in M-ROCK’s 2000 Series. The bags include one shoulder strap but M-ROCK’s accessory item the 7030 Shoulder Strap and elastic Stability Belt ($18) make it possible to carry the bags as backpacks or harness style. M-ROCK’s Modular Belt 7050 attaches behind the Double Access bags for carrying as comfortable fanny packs. The bags include a five year warranty against manufacturer defects and a 50% credit towards a new bag for defects after five years.


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It's so nice there's more pockets and it's suitable for the cameras to be put off. - YOR Health