M-ROCK Adventure Series Camera Bags

M-ROCK announced it is introducing a new line of fully-featured rugged camera bags designed specifically for outdoor/adventure photographers and travel enthusiasts who need functional cases. M-ROCK’s new Adventure series bags offer a variety of solutions including laptop compatible backpacks and gadget bags with detachable roller trolleys; sling bags-turn-backpacks, several DSLR Gadget and top load holster bags; point-and-shoot digital camera bags; and attachable lens pouches for additional carrying capacity.  In addition, every bag in the Adventure line is constructed with water resistant materials and includes a weather jacket and water resistant zippers to further protect contents from moisture, dust and dirt. M-ROCK camera bags are constructed with dense closed cell foam and plastic paneling for extra shock absorption and soft non abrasive internal lining to prevent scratches when carried or stored.

The Great Smoky Mountain is a roller bag that keeps camera gear – and up to a 15.4-inch laptop – safely protected in a compact design; Arches combines the benefits of a Sling bag and backpack; and Yellowstone, a sturdy top load holster bag. Collectively, the entire line of M-ROCK bags offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors with each providing a unique and custom solution for photographers based on the amount of gear they plan to carry.

Great Smoky Mountain #663
Great Smoky Mountain (GSM) roller bag offers sufficient room to transport and protect a variety of camera system configurations, along with a 15.4-inch laptop computer.  The GSM is constructed with dense closed cell foam and plastic panels for added protection against sudden impacts. The GSM fits in most airline overhead bins with or without the easily removable handle and wheels attached.  The GSM can safely store and protect two professional-series DSLR cameras with up to 9-inch lenses attached (with or without lens hoods), two flash units, several accessories, batteries and memory cards. The inner design of the bag can be reconfigured to suit your specific equipment needs.

Additional features of the bag include an ergonomic shoulder strap for comfortable transport over rough terrain that will not permit use of the trolley; weather jacket and lens changing bag to protect the lens and camera sensors from dust and moisture; a built-in lens cloth and snap hook to safely attach keys; and numerous internal sleeves to store additional memory cards, batteries, computer cables, and cell phone.

The top cover of the bag opens away from the photographer when carried on a shoulder to provide open access to equipment and maintaining center-weighted balance to prevent the bag from tipping.  As with all M-ROCK camera bags, the GSM is modular in design which allows photographers to attach up to four lens pouches to the exterior of the bag for expanded storage.

The Great Smoky Mountain (#663) roller bag (trolley included) will be available at retail outlets nationwide in early summer with a suggested list price of $180.00.

Arches Sling Bag (#676)
M-ROCK’s new Arches sling bag-turn-backpack offers extreme flexibility with three separate access points to camera gear and includes two padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to carry as a sling bag, backpack or messenger bag.  Arches also includes multiple dividers that can be configured for either horizontal or vertical loads.

The interior divider separating the lower camera compartment from the top accessory compartment can be removed to provide room for longer lenses. The Arches is designed to store a professional-series dSLR camera with up to a six inch lens attached with room for an additional four (4) six-inch lenses with the horizontal load, or reconfigured to hold a DSLR body with an eight inch lens attached in a vertical load with room for additional lenses and accessories.  Arches includes a weather jacket and lens changing bag, lens cloth, snap hook for keys, bungee straps for stuffing a light jacket below the bag, wire port for the headphone wires of a MP3 player and many additional storage pockets and sleeves.

The Arches (#676) sling bag back pack will be available at retail outlets nationwide in early summer with a suggested list price of $130.00.

Yellowstone (#652)
M-ROCK has completely redesigned its popular Yellowstone camera bag which now offers an additional inch of vertical storage space to comfortably house a dSLR camera with an attached 4-1/5-inch lens and includes two bridge rests to support the weight of the camera body.

The Yellowstone is constructed using a non-abrasive, scratch-resistant interior with dense closed cell foam and plastic panels to offer exceptional protection of its contents without adding bulk or weight to its overall design.  It also includes two padded, dual adjustable shoulder straps and can be carried as a messenger bag, shoulder bag, backpack or waist pouch.  The bag’s top cover opens away from the body to provide unobstructed access to its contents while keeping the bag level to prevent cameras and lenses from falling out of the bag.  The front pocket includes a snap hook for safe storage, and quick retrieval of keys; multiple sleeve pockets, and a built-in lens changing bag.  Rubber bungee cables on the exterior of the bag allow safe and secure storage of a light jacket, umbrella, or small tripod.

Yellowstone’s carrying capacity can be increased by attaching any of M-Rock’s five modular bags to either side of the Yellowstone.  The modular system is extremely secure and its modular belt can be used to convert Yellowstone into a comfortable fanny pack.

M-Rock’s Yellowstone modular camera bag will be available at retail outlets nationwide in late spring and have a suggested list price of $55.00.