Lowerpro Primus AW Backpack

Lowepro has unveiled a camera backpack commemorating the company's 40th anniversary -- the Primus AW. The industry's first backpack designed for the professional photographer that is made primarily from recycled materials, the Primus AW is said to be a perfect combination of unmatched easy access points and extreme-condition protection. Primus AW is designed to provide maximum comfort, protection and accessibility with minimal bulk, making it ideal for outdoor photography. Funds raised from the sale of the Primus AW will support Polar Bears International (PBI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear.

Primus AW enables photographers to carry and access all the necessary components for outdoor photography while providing the highest possible comfort and extreme protection during a full day of shooting in the great outdoors. The main camera compartment is padded and holds a digital SLR Pro body with zoom lens attached, in addition to 1-2 extra lens or flash units. The camera compartment is expandable, enabling large equipment capacity and quick equipment retrieval. The Primus AW also offers photographers quick and easy access to their equipment, without removing the bag, through expandable side zipped camera pockets. The bag's exclusive lumbar equipment access points allow instant access to camera gear of varying sizes, while keeping equipment off the ground. An additional top daypack compartment is large enough to carry all the accessories needed for extreme outdoor photography, plus personal gear. Primus AW also boasts a seam-sealed All-Weather Cover, a built-in memory card pouch, back hatch, hideaway tripod mount with ice axe loop and Glide-Lock™ attachment.

With the release of the Primus AW, Lowepro is honored to present the industry's first backpack to be constructed of 51% recycled materials. The majority of the bag is made up of Cyclpet, a 100% post consumer recycled fabric, establishing the Primus AW as the industry standard for eco-friendly carrying solutions. Each bag contains enough recycled material to equate to 22.6 soda bottles. By preventing this material from reaching a landfill, .0034 cubic yards of landfill space is being conserved for each bag produced. By simply requiring that each bag be made from 51% recycled materials, Lowepro is able to conserve 15,109 BTU's of energy, .002 barrels of crude oil and .12 gallons of refined oil throughout the production process.

Polar Bears International's mission is to conserve the world's polar bear population through research and education, as well as to serve as a central educational resource on polar bears worldwide. A potentially threatened species, the major threat to the polar bear is climate change due to global warming which could easily put the polar bear on the endangered species list. Polar bears are also jeopardized by pollution, poaching, and industrial disturbances. All officers and directors serve the foundation without pay or expense reimbursement, so the organization is able to apply 100% of its revenue directly to research programming.

Additional features of the Primus AW backpack include an ergonomic, dryflow lined harness system used to distribute weight evenly and allow for breathable comfort. The 100% post consumer recycled fabric combines water and abrasion resistance with an ecologically minded design. This pack also conforms to a variety of body types with an adjustable 8-point harness system giving the adventure photographer exceptional comfort under heavy load. Silent zipper pulls provide quiet access to equipment while leaving wildlife subjects undisturbed.

The Primus AW backpack will be available in summer 2007 for a retail price of $279.99. 10% of all sales will be donated to Polar Bears International.