Lowepro S&F Series

The new Lowepro S&F Series is a modular carrying system which can transform to meet the specific needs of any photographer.

When Lowepro launched the Street & Field system 12 years ago, it quickly became a favorite of event photographers, sports shooters and multimedia photojournalists, so Lowepro has arduously approached its redesign to meet their changing needs. To ensure the system meets the fast, flexible and functional demands of today’s fast-paced, media-gathering environment, Lowepro has redesigned the core system and added some brand new components for today’s modern media. The foundation of the system is comprised of the S&F Deluxe Technical Belt, S&F Light Utility Belt, S&F Technical Vest and S&F Technical Harness, to which photographers attach any combination of the 15 accessory components using Lowepro’s SlipLock Attachment system. A few of the latest additions to the component lineup include the Lens Exchange Case 200 AW which features a patent-pending “clamshell” opening that allows the user to change out a lens with one hand while increasing ease and speed of operation, the Audio Utility Bag 100 for photographers and videographers who carry audio gear, microphones, etc., and the Laptop Utility Backpack 100 AW which carries a laptop and essentials on assignment and when combined with the Technical Harness can be used to instantly upload images to a news editor or website making the photojournalist a walking, wired news outlet.