liveBooks 5.0 Portfolio Website

liveBooks, Inc. is proud to announce the release of its new version, liveBooks 5.0. The new liveBooks 5.0 software builds on the intuitive navigation and professional aesthetic of its predecessor by adding new navigation options, website styling options, and features such as: slideshow movies, HTML gallery presentations, music upload, integration with other web services, and a robust shopping cart for selling prints. Additionally, Client Access, the feature that enables users to create a password-protected area of their site with customized content, and the website's search engine compatibility have been enhanced.

At the heart of all liveBooks websites is the web-based liveBooks editSuite software, a collection of editing tools that give photographers creative control over the content on their website in real-time. Version 5.0 adds tools that enable photographers to quickly and easily personalize their website in many ways. For example, they can choose image transitions from a library of various styles, or upload and assign music to a portfolio of images with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, photographers can save time thanks to several new and improved features including: multi-image upload, extended drag and drop controls, a more intuitive workflow, and ground-up optimization of the application's code for faster performance. All of these features, along with the following features, make liveBooks 5.0 the ideal online portfolio presentation and marketing tool for photographers who want to achieve their web marketing goals in a way that is time efficient and cost effective.

liveBooks sites come with enterprise level email service, which includes web mail, POP mail, and state of the art spam filtering. For a complete listing of features download the latest Product Comparison Brochure at