LitePad From Visual Departures

Nearly everyone owns a point-and-shoot that can take pictures up close, whether a digital compact or the camera in a cell phone. Getting the right light isn’t so easy, though: Built-in flash units can wash out the subject, and the surrounding light often isn’t adequate for a clear, colorful picture. LitePad, an exciting new product available from Visual Departures, is the solution. It’s a bright, flattering, easy-to-use light source that fits in a pocket, ready for your next close-up.

LitePad is a small, flat panel that emits a soft illumination matching the color of daylight. That’s the best kind of light for photography, since indoor light can cause a brown cast in pictures. Only three inches in diameter, LitePad can be positioned at any angle to your subject—in front, above, to the side, or even underneath it. You just put it wherever you think it makes the subject look the best.

This unique light comes ready to be plugged into a wall socket. But its inexpensive, optional “power pack,” which accepts standard AA batteries, makes it a completely self-contained light source. The power pack allows LitePad to be used anywhere, from restaurants to the great outdoors, where its shadow-softening illumination makes it an ideal tool for beautiful close-ups.

The ability to position LitePad anywhere allows photographers to enhance shape and texture, whether in a new knitting masterpiece or in a beautiful meal that a waiter has just delivered to the table. A camera’s built-in flash can’t do that; it can only aim its light straight at the subject, which produces flat, washed-out results that are usually disappointing.

Once photographers have turned off their built-in flash (either by pushing a button or simply not popping the flash up), the camera takes over, automatically reading the illumination provided by LitePad. No photographic expertise is required—only your own judgment about where LitePad makes a subject look best.

Developed and manufactured by Rosco, a company with a 100-year history of product innovation in film, TV, and theater, LitePad is part of a system that includes both larger units and accessories. Creative photographers may want to consider adding the 3x6-inch LitePad as a second light, for more complex effects. (LitePad sizes go up to two feet square, and all can be operated with the power pack.) Accessories include an in-line dimmer, which allows photographers to precisely adjust the light level simply by rotating a dial, and which can even be purchased with a “splitter” to control two LitePads.

LitePad is also a perfect gift item for any crafter, artist, or food enthusiast—or for photographic enthusiasts who love to shoot close-ups. From embroidery to jewelry, bacon-and-eggs to Chicken Cordon Bleu, LitePad will let them document the things they create and enjoy, with superior and satisfying results.

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