LG Electronics is one of world’s two largest producers of LCD screen products, and supplies many of the computer displays that brandish all different kinds of brand names. You can get a picture of their wide range of products, including numerous models of computer displays at www.lge.com/html/gate.html. On that globals site there is one fairly new model professional 24 inch RGB LED LCD display with exceedingly robust specifications, the W2420R model. It is apparently available in Europe, but you will not find this display included on the LGE web site for the United States.

I am not writing this to complain, as LGE, closest competitor makes a similar professional RGB LED LCD display that is available in the US. My guess is that LG Electronics does support a modest LCD display marketing effort in the US, but from my contact with their PR department, it is largely focused on consumer home/office products. So, it may very well be that LGE is not making this new high performance RGB LED LCD display, the W2420R available in America entirely because of their own limited US marketing strategy. In other words, I have no reason to complain the USA is being left out for any but a practical reason. But considering the range of good professional LCD displays for photography is so limited, having LGE’s new display added would be a possible blessing.

A new LGE display model that will be found listed and specified on their US web site is another 24 inch LED LCD display, the W2486L. From the limited specifications that LGE associate with this relatively new model for the US, I think I can fairly describe it as a better grade home/office model. Sadly I can’t say anything about what its color gamut size is as LGE provides a percentage figure for color, but does not say what the base of the percentage is. Confusing, yes but that is standard for most LCD display sellers except a few that specify a percentage of Adobe RGB (1998) colorspace if the color gamut is greater than that!

Anyway, I have not tested this display although I did test one 22 inch that was similarly classed and was a 2008 model. I am currently using it installed on my office Mac and enjoy its good performance, but at a brightness of 120.0 CD/m2. It does not perform very well at a lower white luminance that matches paper white.

Obviously, part of the reason I bring this LGE display subject up is because the business news press a few months ago let it be known that Apple Computer made a $500 million prepaid deal with LGE for future LCD supplies. Are the new LED iMac versions at all related to the W2486L I mentioned? The specs, what little Apple reveals, would have one guessing a little. But what if Apple offered an iMac with LGE’s RGB LED LCD display, and with an added contrast as well as brightness adjustment? Well then that could very well be a professional photography iMac I would be happy to recommend - and of course the price would give the Windoze geeks a real basis for complaining about pricey Apple products. RGB LED LCD displays that can now be purchased in the US are expensive.