Lexar Security Technology Supported by Nikon D200

Lexar Media's LockTight technology will now be supported in the Nikon D200 digital SLR, enabling users to fully utilize the camera's advanced feature set, including security functionality and burst mode shooting. Lexar Professional LockTight CompactFlash is a unique security technology that allows photographers and organizations to control access to information stored on the user's memory cards. The Nikon D200 is the most affordable digital camera that includes built-in LockTight functionality.

The Lexar Professional CompactFlash with LockTight also delivers a minimum sustained write speed capability of 80X, enough to take advantage of the D200's burst mode of 5 frames per second--without delays in writing the data to the memory

When used in conjunction with a camera that supports the LockTight system, access to the digital content stored on a LockTight card is restricted to authorized users and authorized cameras. Once the card has been registered to users and cameras, it will only work in those specific cameras and can only be accessed on a PC or MAC by those users with the login information established by the system administrator. More information on Lexar's professional products can be found at www.lexar.com/dp.