LensPen SensorKlear Loupe

The LensPen Group has introduced an improved new design of their SensorKlear Loupe. The new SensorKlear Loupe features eight LEDs, which is double the four of the original model, and they’re powered by just two AAA batteries – long life, low-cost, easy to install and available everywhere. And the new loupe is versatile; it’s designed to fit both standard and Four-Thirds DSLR cameras. It’s easy to use; just remove the camera lens, place the Loupe on the aperture ring and turn on the light.

When you clean your DSLR sensor using the LensPen SensorKlear system, you can see what you are cleaning while you clean. A feature no other sensor cleaner can offer. It makes sensor cleaning simple, fast and easy.

The SensorKlear Loupe, Hurricane Blower and SensorKlear II pen are packaged in the SensorKlear Loupe Kit.

Inspect the sensor. If it’s clean, there’s nothing left to do but put the lens back on. If the sensor is not clean use the Hurricane Blower to remove the dry dust. Inspect the sensor again.

For more information on LensPen products, go to www.lenspen.com