Lensbaby Curriculum for Digital Photo Academy Students

Lensbaby is proud to announce its support of a new Lensbaby curriculum featured at Digital Photo Academy (DPA).

Offered throughout 23 major U.S. cities, every DPA class offers the inclusion of tips and techniques on the use of all Lensbaby Creative Effects Single Lens-Reflex (SLR) products. Each of the 60 DPA photography instructors are thoroughly familiar with the creative possibilities of Lensbaby products and have incorporated this new Lensbaby curriculum in order to teach photo enthusiasts throughout the U.S. how to best use the Lensbaby line of Creative Effects SLR lenses and accessories.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with DPA,” said Sam Pardue, Lensbaby CEO. “DPA’s workshops are a great environment for students to learn, hands-on, how Lensbaby Creative Effects SLR camera lenses can help liberate their creativity and find their unique photographic voice. Lensbaby Creative Effects lenses provide an unlimited range of artistic options, and now with DPA many new students across the country can learn how to apply these tools to their own self-expression.”

“I personally could not be more excited about working with the members of the innovative Lensbaby team, and on a more practical level, of our thousands of students around the country that have inquired from their respective teachers if coursework can be developed for Lensbaby products,” said Richard Rabinowitz, Founder, Digital Photo Academy.

In addition to lots of tips and techniques offered in the regularly scheduled DPA classes throughout the year, Lensbaby products will also be featured at 30 DPA retailer events around the country in 2010, during which time photo enthusiasts will be invited to participate for free so they can be introduced to the Lensbaby product line. These events will include contests and great prizes.

For more information about DPA workshops visit: http://www.digitalphotoacademy.com/.