Lensbabies Introduces Macro Lens Set

Lensbabies has introduced a set of macro lenses for use with its popular selective-focus SLR camera lenses, Lensbaby 2.0 and the Original Lensbaby. The macro set includes one +4 and one +10 macro lens that can be mounted to the front of the Lensbaby lens, enabling photographers to create very unusual close-up effects.

Lensbaby 2.0 and The Original Lensbaby bring one area of a photo into sharp focus, with a "sweet spot" that is surrounded by graduated blur. Photographers can fluidly move the sharp area around the photo by bending the flexible lens tubing. The new +4 and +10 macro lenses enable photographers to use this selective focus effect at very close camera-to-subject distances.

A Lensbaby without a macro lens has a minimum focus of 16 inches. With the +4 lens attached, the focus range is from 6--13 inches. With the +10 macro lens attached, the focus range is from 3.5--5 inches. It's also possible to stack the +4 and the +10 together and mount them both to the front of a Lensbaby, achieving a focus range of 2--3 inches.

The Lensbaby macro set sells for $29 and is available from retail stores, from www.lensbabies.com, or by calling 877-536-7222.