Lens Flipper Strap Device Designed to Help You Quickly and Safely Change Lenses on the Fly

Every photographer knows it's tough to quickly change lenses safely when you’re shooting on location such as in a city or in the wilderness. The Lens Flipper by GoWing in a unique device that takes the stress out of the process. It is an easy to use double-sided locking lens cap with its own strap.

Lens Flipper was created to serve two purposes for photographers on the move, the first is to carry your extra lens and the second is to make it easy (fast and safe) to swap your lenses no matter where you are. It eliminates the worry of dropping (and damaging) a lens while attempting to swap it for another one.

The Lens Flipper is available in mounts for Canon, Nikon and Sony A and E cameras. The suggested retail price is $89.95. Accessories for the Lens Flipper are also available.

Check out a promo video to see the Lens Flipper in action below.

You can find more info on the Lens Flipper at the company's website and on PetaPixel.