Leica M10 Edition Zagato Camera Unboxing

We were invited to an exclusive one-on-one unboxing of Leica’s latest collectors’ piece, the Leica M10 Edition Zagato rangefinder camera, at Leica’s USA headquarters. Here is what we saw.

Leica product specialist Antonio Di Benedetto wore white technicians’ gloves to protect the surface of the newest Leica treasure, since this was the first time the camera saw the light of day since being packed in a unique, dedicated box in Europe.

Designed by Dr. Andrea Zagato, the Leica M10 Edition Zagato was handcrafted in Germany in a strictly limited edition of 250 pieces. They are supplied with a matching limited edition Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 Aspheric lens, striking red leather neck strap and regular accessories.

If you're a car buff, the name Zagato should be a familiar one. Founded a century ago, Zagato is an Italian company that creates exquisitely designed automobiles and is known for its innovative use of aluminun. It's no surprise then that the Leica M10 Edition Zagato features an aluminum top plate, baseplate and outer body casing.

The camera body is 70 grams (2.5 ounces) lighter than regular production Leica M10 cameras. Instead of the usual leather trim, the body casing is covered in aluminum that’s textured with hundreds of finely milled grooves. 

Leica M10 Edition Zagato camera sets are packaged with Leica and Zagato – Europe Collectibles, a coffee table book that showcases 33 Zagato automobiles. The book is also available separately. © Jon Sienkiewicz


Inside the lid of the inner box there is a metal plaque that certifies authenticity and indicates production number, in this case 109 of 250. © Jon Sienkiewicz


The M10 camera and 35mm lens nestle in a velvet lined tray along with the specially debossed red leather neck strap. Notice the subdued Leica logo encircled above the red-trimmed, one-of-a-kind body cap. © Jon Sienkiewicz


Wearing white technicians’ gloves to protect the surface of the camera from fingerprints, Leica product specialist Antonio Di Benedetto presents the M10 Zagato Edition. This is the first M-Camera to feature rectangular strap lugs in the same design as those of the Leica Edition Zagato binoculars. © Jon Sienkiewicz


The shutter release button is red and the shutter speed dial is richly engraved. © Jon Sienkiewicz


On the bottom, under the baseplate, you’ll find the serial number plate which shows the limited production number (109/250) as well as the regular serial number (5324108). © Jon Sienkiewicz


The inner rim of the matching Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 Aspheric lens is engraved with the Zagato logo. Unlike any other Leica 35mm Summilux, this special lens features a built-in lens hood that can be extracted and locked in place. © Jon Sienkiewicz


The design of the focusing aid on the 35mm lens features the classic styling signature of Zagato automobile design: the double-bubble roofline of many Zagato cars. © Jon Sienkiewicz


Leather neck strap is unmistakably red and debossed with the Zagato logo. © Jon Sienkiewicz


The standard accessories (battery, charger, cords, etc.) are enclosed in fine fabric bags that feature the Zagato logo—a magnificent finishing touch. © Jon Sienkiewicz


This camera represents the second collaboration between Leica and Zagato. In 2015 the first produced the Leica Ultravid 8x32 Edition Zagato binoculars. Production was limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

More info on the new Leica M10 Edition Zagato on Leica's website here. You can read our review of the original Leica M10 digital rangefinder camera here.

This Zagato special edition Leica camera set retails for $21,600. You can explore Leica’s Dealer Locator by following this link.

—Jon Sienkiewicz