Leaf Unveils New Professional Digital Camera Backs

Leaf America has announced the next generation of Leaf digital camera backs for professional photographers: Leaf Aptus 75 and Leaf Aptus 65. Offering superior image quality, the backs also feature a 6x7cm LCD touch screen that provides complete control over the image capture process.

The Aptus 75 offers 6726 x 5040 pixels, resulting in file size of approximately 200MB (16-bit), while the Aptus 65 provides 6144 x 4622 pixels, for a file size of 160 MB (16-bit). File storage options include uncompressed raw files and a new completely lossless compression that reduces the size of the RAW files by half. Leaf has also introduced a new Leaf Digital Magazine with a 30GB capacity to accommodate these new larger files.

The new Leaf Aptus 75 and Leaf Aptus 65 backs also feature an extended ISO range from 50-800 and will be available with a 3-year warranty option. The Leaf Aptus 75 will be available through authorized Leaf dealers in November. The Leaf Aptus 65 will be available in Q1 2006. For complete details visit www.leafamerica.com.