Kubota Image Tools New “Artist Series”

Kubota Image Tools announced the availability of the “Kubota Artist Series Style Book & DVD Tutorial, Artist: Tamara Lackey” instructional guide for photographers interested in improving their portrait work through smarter use of Photoshop.

Ideal for the consummate portrait professional looking for inspiration or for those looking to expand their business into the lucrative market of child portraits, Lackey‘s step-by-step guide is perfect for users of all skill levels. In addition to the hardcover, comprehensive style book featuring before and after comparisons that detail the actions used to create the finished work, Kubota Image Tools includes a DVD with a tutorial exploring the entire process from captured image to final print, and downloads for Lackey’s Action formulas.

“Child portraits are deeply satisfying for me as a photographer and for the families that treasure them. They mark a stage in each child’s life that is gone too quickly, and you never want to feel like you missed an opportunity to make that image better,” said Lackey. “I approach post-processing as a means to finishing an image that I often see as only partially-created at capture. Kevin and the Kubota Image Tools team are pioneers in post-processing automation, and leaders in industry innovation. To have that capability at my fingertips allows me to create whatever look works best and tweak as desired.”

In addition to a walk-through of Lackey’s digital workflow, the included tutorial DVD will help photographers with tips on how to manage their youthful subjects. Whether identifying useful poses, inventive tactics to spark a smile or quiet a rowdy child, Lackey’s entire approach to children’s portraiture is on display.

“Tamara Lackey was a natural choice to be our first featured artist,” said Kubota Image Tools Idea Guy Kevin Kubota. “Her fresh and friendly family photography is beautiful and inspiring, and she loves to teach and share. Her edition of our Artist Series is a perfect way for other photographers to learn what she does behind the scenes to create her fantastic images.”

“Kubota Artist Series Style Book & DVD Tutorial, Artist: Tamara Lackey” is available through the Kubota Image Tools website at http://kubotaimagetools.com at a price of $125.

This new learning package will be available alongside popular Kubota Image Tools educations tools including the Digital Bootcamp Book, Kevin Kubota’s own Kubota Artist Series Style Book, the Kubota Lightroom 3 Workflow eClass, and the award-winning Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom 2.