Kubota Image Tools 20th Digital Photography Bootcamp and Summitup

Kubota Image Tools, provider of photographer-empowering creative imaging tools, workflow-saving solutions and educational offerings for photographers of all levels, today announced details of the 20th iteration of its award-winning Digital Photography Bootcamp and launched an entirely new event to precede Bootcamp, called, SummitUp 2010. The two events will run consecutively starting on November 6 through November 13, 2010. Both are specifically designed to help photographers build the necessary skills to drive their business success while improving the technical and creative abilities that ultimately enable them to reach their artistic and professional goals. To meet the varying needs and educational preferences of photographers, the two events offer differing formats. The Bootcamp is an immersive week-long workshop program while SummitUp was designed as an intensive day and a half program featuring six focused sessions from leaders in the photography industry.

20th Digital Photography Bootcamp

Organized by Kevin Kubota, founder of Kubota PhotoDesign and the Idea Guy behind Kubota Image Tools, the Digital Photography Bootcamp helps professional photographers refine their digital photography skill set and marry those key techniques with a core understanding of how to run a successful photography business. Kubota Images Tools will bring together an all-star cast of instructors, including Ben Edwards, Doug Gordon, and Craig Strong, for the week-long training session running November 7-13, 2010 at the Five Pine Lodge in Sisters, Oregon.

"Every Digital Photography Bootcamp is an energizing and fulfilling experience for us, but this one is particularly special," says Kubota. "We've learned an incredible amount over the years leading up to this 20th Bootcamp and incorporated even more of what past attendees have found most illuminating. We also have some of the most talented and inspirational photographers in the industry coming to share lessons learned over years of running successful photography businesses. It's going to be fantastic!"

The week-long event focuses on some core responsibilities of running a photo-based business, including staying creative and motivated throughout a career, necessary technical skills from physical posing tactics to shortcuts for digital workflow, and the base requirements for marketing a business. In addition to these group activities, each attendee will also enjoy a private portfolio and website review with Kevin and business partner Clare Kubota, as well as search engine optimization specialist and photographer Wendy Roe.

Additional topics covered during the Digital Photography Bootcamp will include:

- Camera and subject technique when shooting RAW

- Best practices for high-efficiency archiving and editing

- Navigating Photoshop® and editing with confidence

- Creating sales-driving slideshows, presentations, and DVDs

- Tips and techniques to get the best prints

- Charging what you're worth and keeping clients for life

Recent Bootcamp graduate Catherine McKinley found that the Bootcamp revolutionized her wedding photography business. Following the event McKinley said, “There’s so much information and I knew it was going to completely transform how I did everything. Nothing comes close to the quality of information Kevin is offering and how he presents it. There is nothing that comes close to what Kevin does.”

Bootcamp tuition, including all meals and lodging, is $3,200 for those that register before September 1, 2010. More information is available at: http://www.kubotaimagetools.com/DigitalBootcamp.html.

SummitUp 2010

SummitUp is a new, intensive two-day event during which some of the industry’s most business-savvy photographers will lead a curriculum for photographers to investigate technical and creative techniques, and learn new business-driving tactics. The goal of the event is to assist photographers as they market themselves and their businesses using traditional and modern media channels. SummitUp sessions will include:

- Style and Creativity, with Kevin Kubota

- Lighting and Posing with Doug Gordon

- Launching a Portrait Business in less than 10 Days....An Experiment with Dane Sanders

- Refining Success Through Inspiration with Benjamin Edwards

- Selling Photography into the Multi Millions with Bill Sorenson

- Let's Be Friends - How to Navigate the Virtual World While Living in the Real One with Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown

SummitUp 2010 is scheduled for November 6-7, 2010, immediately preceding the Bootcamp and will also be held in scenic Oregon. Reservations are available for $329, to learn more about the event or to reserve space, please visit: http://www.kubotaimagetools.com/SummitUP.html.