Kingston Technology Expands SDHC Memory Card Family With Addition of 16GB Class 4 Model

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has announced it is adding a 16GB Class 4 SDHC Flash memory card to optimize use of today's higher resolution imaging equipment. The new 16GB card is the largest capacity in Kingston's line of SDHC cards, which include 4- and 8GB SDHC Class 2/4/6 versions.

Even with today's high resolution recording devices, a 16GB memory card can store literally thousands of photos and hours of high definition video. For example, the new 16GB SDHC card can capture more than 7,500 images (with a 6MP camera) and more than four hours* of video (for 6Mbps HD Extended recording).

Kingston SDHC memory cards are offered in three different speed classes (2, 4 and 6) with each speed class designation reflecting the minimum sustained DTR. For example, a Class 2 SDHC card has a minimum DTR of 2 megabytes per second, while a Class 6 SDHC card has a minimum DTR of 6 megabytes per second. These cards are the perfect solution for today's SDHC-compatible devices that run MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and other high quality video compression used by consumer HD and DVD video.

Kingston's line of SDHC memory cards are backed by a lifetime warranty and 24/7 live technical support. For more detailed information visit the Kingston Web site at: