Kingston Technology ‘Icons of Photography’ Share Knowledge, Experience Through Critique of Viewer-Submitted Photos

Kingston Technology Company, Inc.has posted the latest series of images submitted by aspiring photographers worldwide seeking advice for taking better pictures from its world-class `Icons of Photography' members.

"The quantity of images to be critiqued by our Icons seems to increase with each series and the Icons are really enjoying the quality of the work submitted," said Jaja Lin, Flash product marketing manager, Kingston. "The continued positive response demonstrates the benefits of the Icons program educating consumers on Kingston Flash memory. The Icons have said sharing so much of their knowledge and experience with digital photographers of all levels is tremendously rewarding."

Critique My Image, a feature offered through Kingston's `Icons of Photography' microsite, provides professional and aspiring photographers with an opportunity to have their images reviewed by some of the best photographers in the world. In this installment, each photographer selected several images from the scores of photographs submitted and provided constructive advice for improving or enhancing each photograph. From lighting and exposure to composition and styling, each critique is constructed as a lesson that can be applied by all viewers to their respective photography. Visitors are encouraged to upload images for critique by logging onto

"It is a wonderful feeling to be consulted by fellow photographers for our opinions about their work," said Harry Benson. "Good photography comes from the heart and often represents a very personal side of that photographer. Kingston's Icons program gives us an opportunity to view beautiful work and offer our humbled opinions about how it might be improved next time. That's what is special about this program to me."

Kingston's `Icons of Photography' includes Benson, acclaimed documentary photographer and photojournalist, Colin Finlay, National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig and Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller.

Consisting of three elements -- 20 Questions, Ask the Icon and Critique My Image -- the site provides visitors with personal insight in an interactive forum where questions can be asked and images can be shared with the Icons. The microsite will continue to showcase the latest work produced by each photographer, along with a listing of upcoming projects, lectures and workshops from each. In February, Kingston will publish 20 Questions with Gerd Ludwig, an up-close-and-personal interview.

For more detailed information visit the Kingston IOP Web site at