Kingston Technology’s ’Icons of Photography’ Offer Tips For Improving, Enhancing New Series of Images

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. announced it has posted the latest Critique My Image, a collection of photographs submitted by enthusiasts and pros from around the world seeking advice from Kingston's `Icons of Photography' on improving their skills as photographers.

In this new installment, each of the Kingston Icons selected several images from the numerous submissions and provided constructive advice for improving or enhancing each photograph. Tips and topics covered included lighting, exposure, composition, texture and styling.

"Pros and enthusiasts from all over have eagerly embraced the opportunity to have world- class photographers critique their work through our `Icons of Photography' program," said Jaja Lin, Flash memory marketing manager, Kingston®. "The Icons' ability to share insight has an educational impact on the masses; anyone who wants to improve his photographic skills can learn from their collective experience and unique perspectives."

"It is a rewarding feeling for us to know that sharing our experiences can help others see the world from new perspectives," said Colin Finlay, acclaimed documentary photographer and photojournalist. "The world is far less interesting from eye level. I think young photographers especially should learn to look at life from a different perspective ? everyday things suddenly become unique and exciting when you do."

Kingston's `Icons of Photography' includes Finlay, world-renowned photojournalist Harry Benson, National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig and Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller.

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