Kingston Launches “Ultimate” Line of CompactFlash Cards

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has announced a new "Ultimate" line of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB CompactFlash cards that feature sustained write speed ratings of 100x, enabling high-end digital cameras to perform at peak levels. Designed for professional photographers and serious enthusiasts who require optimum speed and capacity, Kingston's Ultimate series CompactFlash cards are designed to write images as they are captured by the camera, allowing a seamless flow of imaging information from camera to memory card, thereby maximizing the overall speed and functionality of the camera system.

The new Ultimate cards are 100-percent tested and backed by Kingston's lifetime warranty and 24/7 live technical support. The 1GB Ultimate cards have a MSRP of $90, while the 2GB and 4GB cards are priced at $182 and $338 respectively. For more information on Kingston products, please call 800/337-8410, or visit the company's website at