Kanguru Launches High-speed External Hard Drive

Kanguru Solutions has unveiled an external combination hard drive featuring high-speed transfer rates and capacities up to 500GB. The Kanguru QuickSilver features both USB 2.0 and Serial ATA connectivity, with blazing transfer rates of up to 1.5Gb per second! The drive also features a rugged enclosure that resists up to 200 Gs of shock to protect it from external damage.

Available in capacities from 80--500GB, the Kanguru QuickSilver operates on Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS 10.2 and above. The unit's high-speed capabilities make it an ideal choice for video creation, editing, and
production, as well as for graphic design and gaming.

For more information on this and other products from Kanguru Solutions, please visit their website at www.kanguru.com.