Juice Battery's Multi-Charger

In conjunction with the launch of its JUICE brand rechargeable battery line, Winner International is introducing a unique, microprocessor based JUICE Multi-Charger that eliminates the need for multiple charging systems.

The Multi-Charger charges all types of AA and AAA size rechargeable batteries including rechargeable alkaline, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) and nickel cadmium (NiCad) technologies at the same time in one compact unit.

The Multi-Charger, with a silver ABS body and blue transparent lid cover, utilizes a programmable microchip that monitors the recharging power, automatically identifies the type of battery (even if they are mixed) and then charges each battery individually. The charger can even detect single-use alkaline batteries and will not charge them.

The company claims that recent tests showed that when Juice rechargeable alkaline batteries are charged in the Multi-Charger, its service life is increased by over 30%. With this service life improvement, a single Juice rechargeable alkaline battery can be recharged up to 100 times, replacing up to 100 single-use alkaline batteries, depending on the application and frequency of recharging.

A Juice Multi-Charger starter kit/value pack is being offered that includes a variety of Juice rechargeable alkaline and NiMH AA/AAA cells and an AC power adapter. The unit also features four dual color (green/red) LED's which indicate charging status of each cell. Charging time varies based on cell type and discharge level but averages between 2-3 hours.

Although the Multi-Charger can be used with multiple-brands of rechargeable batteries, it was specifically developed to maximize the Juice brand's individual cycle performance on deep discharge. The resulting higher cycle capacities (or, the "Juice Effect") is best achieved when using Juice brand rechargeable batteries.